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Demo Zone

Demo Zone is exclusively for promoting new game-changing products/services/ ideas that the world has ever seen. It's an launch pad for emerging companies in technology, services and trends, inviting you to come and experience the future of innovation, find quality deal flow and network with people from around the world who are likely to change the face of Entrepreneurship in the years to come. This zone focuses on bringing together high-growth startups with high-potential customers. Companies can apply here to showcase their Startups, or those similarly obsessed can attend to get inspired. Be on the 'inside' and get exclusive access to this exceptional group of innovators.

What is Demo Zone:

Bring your cutting edge technology or Product to Demo Zone 2020 and be a part of this Innovations Showcase. There will be a focused exhibition area especially for creative solutions and best-of-breed products either looking at launchpad, distributors, retail and eretail partners. An unmatched platform for selecting, promoting, coaching and making successful some of the game changing products the nation has ever seen.

Demo Zone

Out of these 8 semi-finalist will get to do a presentation at STARTUP KICKOFF Stage directly to the participating investors and delegates. Here is just a brief sample of the companies who have benefited from launching with us.

Products and Services that are now household names

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